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KazMega is not a rapper, nor is he a poet, nor is he a producer or composer, or beatmaker. He is a journeyman welder of artistic expression, trained to apply hot fiyah to seemingly inflexible topics and forge completely new yet sturdy observations. While artistic expression welding pays significantly less than say-- welding metal, it has provided the opportunity for building communities, safe spaces, international bridges, and potentially schools. Expect sparks to fly, supplied materials to bond together, and the exchange itself to become the trade. Hard hats will not be permitted on site, but thinking caps are mandatory!

Stuff I've Done Bio

POEMcee/Producer. Scribble Jam Canada Production Battle Champ (2008). 2004 MC Eliminator Champ. 2012 WCMA Nominated for Fame Fatale. Host on CJSR (88.5 FM - Edmonton) or every Sat Midnight-3AM. Co-Director of Hip Hop in the Park. 2013 Kaleido Festival Words We ‘Ave Poetry Slam Winner. Co-producer/writer/performer on Pusha Man (Winner of 10k in 2013 Hot107 Hot Factor). Cap'n of the 2013 & 2014 YEG National Slam Team.


KazMega x Baggylean - G.R.I.L.L.I.O.S.May 5, 2014

G.R.I.L.L.I.O.S. is a acronym for Gangsta Rap Is Living Life In Our Society. This album was recorded and released the same day on Cinco De Mayo at Up In Arms Studio underneath a real live Grill shop (MoneyWhereYourMouthIs). This was the product.

Production : Baggylean
Lyrics : KazMega
Scratches : Baggylean
Additional Saxaphone : Mitchmatic
Label : Makebelieve Records
Streaming : Click HERE

KazMega - Everybody's KINg 1​.​0January 1, 2014

All tracks written and performed by KazMega unless otherwise noted. All Scratches: DJ Dice & DJ Budakron Executive Producers V. Gomez, O. Severin, S. Argue All Tracks recorded and mixed at BoomBot Studio All tracks mastered at Up In Arms Studio

Production : Dan Jones, KazMega, J Soul, Baggylean, John Presser, NATO, Cosm
Lyrics : KazMega
Additional Guita : Lee Trush
Scratches : DJ Dice & DJ Budakron
Label : Makebelieve Records
Streaming : Click HERE

KazMega - V For ThrillerNovember 5, 2012

A cynical but in-depth look into the parallels between Politics, Entertainment, and our attraction to the idea of the living dead. In layman's terms: Micheal Jackson VS The 'Biz' (aka The Machine) VS The 'Man' Vs Zombies Battle Royal.

Production : KazMega, Jon Dubs, Dan Jones, Samjay, Danny Phantom
Lyrics : KazMega
Additional Guitar : Lee Trush
Label : None
Streaming : Click HERE


Part Time Apartheid April 7, 2013

I can’t speak on Israeli military recon, Palestinian street bombs or who’s side I be on
Let’s be honest, beyond this particular subject, the news ties a noose that my people get hung with
so I’m laughing as these major label stocks plummet,
reality tv and cop shows drain operating budgets,
atheletes on lock out aint budging, nah they running it
movies getting downloaded for free straight off the internet
(Shhhh) wait out the dumbness as the stations slowly commit
Suicide and it’s more than the public can stomach
Overthrow the puppets who keep pumping out them sequels
For cheap thrills, overlooking the scripts that we’d feel
Could reveal,
THE TRUTH, I’m tearing the roof off it
And too often, they’re turning a new profit off a true prophet’s back.
And I’m just trying to bring the knowledge back to common blacks who want a track with honest raps
That they could show they moms and paps
You see with all the fads and N-bombs, bongs, and gats,
Conscious rap is not another genre of rap
So the walls they build there? I hope em wall collapse,
And the walls we build here? I hope em wall collapse,
Too many cons to track, in an entertainment contract. Especially a record label contract
When I came up in the 90s before Claire and Cliff retired,
and with every Bill Cosby, you could find a Richard, Prior
Until they cut off our bills, made everyone a Dick for hire
Everybody’s Richard now, who the hell the kids admire,
Things were really different prior, where did all the balance go,
I’m not Palestinian but understand the challenge though.
Took us out the pyramids
Left us in the catacombs
Told us that we couldn’t
And only fed us CANTaloupe.
Sipping on the “sizzurp” Probably ain’t the antedote.
Back of the bus.
Bottom of the giant paddle boat.

Yea they build walls, but we build government housing, “Indian” reserves
While our “government” stays living in the burbs...
So welcome to the dark side of part time apartheid

Oh Canada, my home and native land, err...
No it aint, my man as it kind of got stolen from the native man,
So tell me that i’m lucky to be from this country
And always have money, and never be hungry,
Or dot your tease and cross your eyes: the details that qualify
The dirty gritty things we do to make them all align
Or just tell me ‘bout the natives, or the Lafayette’s, the Mayes’
Who are the real OGs who’ve held it down for generations.
You see, as a black man to even be patriotic
is to accept a broken system and the backs we’re breaking on it,
Now to pretend I’m mad at whites for lack of rights and sacrifices
Acting righteous while we’re all in the same masked disguises,
Acting like it’s whites eating off the black backs of men,
Really? Not quite, we’re eating off their backs right after them
Off the backs of Africans and loving every moment of it.
The average man doesn’t know and doesn’t even know he doesn’t

Yea they build walls, but we build government housing, “Indian” reserves
While our “government” stays living in the burbs...
So welcome to the dark side of part time apartheid


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